The fata morgana...
...that’s how the choice of black-and-white came about.
The ambiguity of black-and-white offers a unique vision of reality; since it can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways,
it is ambiguous in its essence.
It creates a relationship that unites a documented image to a constructed one and yet it separates them.
These images are, at the same time, both apparent and difficult to recognize in reality; they change form quickly just like the “vague apparition of the Fata Morgana”, they are mirages which pose eternal questions in an unending quest.
A “Fata Morgana” is apparently a break with reality, the image of a fairy lady whose sweet, light gait seems to skim the surface.
Is it an optical illusion or an interior image?
Is it the reproduction of reality or the creation of a new image and therefore real
in itself?

The Fotomorgana Studio began its activity in 1983 and developed around the manual printing of black and white photographs.
The professional processing of negatives and printing have been its core activity around which a complete laboratory project evolved.
From hand-crafted printmaking, retouching, spotting, hand-colouring, to photofinishing
and mounting:
each task has been performed with a true passion in a constant search for superior quality.

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Fotomorgana © Salvatore De Donatis | credits Progetto GraficoRovaiWeber design